Steps to acquire cultural understanding activities to be included in Teacher Training Programs

teacher training programs

First we have to start creating  awareness before teachers can implement cultural awareness into teaching learning methods, they must first recognize and appreciate their own cultural backgrounds are shaped by factors like race gender, ethnicity, religion, language, socio-economic status and special needs. Reflection on one’s own background will help indicate the ways in which it is similar to on different from that of one’s students.

Second, peer is the key to develop a sense of cultural respectful it can operate as dyads and triads of colleagues working with different set of students and drive key cultural integration across spectrum. This will build cultural integration along spectrum.

This will build concise eco system in an institution towards connecting to unique identities and teachers will be able to develop culturally sensitive and engaging lesson plans.

Third, the teaches should be clearly told to get rid of ‘implicit bias’ which refers to attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner by identifying the ways in which their life experiences differs from that of their students. Educators can begin to examine where those gaps have filled. An open mind helps dismantle implicit biases.

Fourth, the teachers shall be considered as learners too. In most of the cases, teachers do not always share the same background but their training can be alike which makes them a trained professional personnel training courses like Nursery Primary Teacher Training  which offers a wide vision of cultural driven workshops along with the course to make a primary teacher fulfilling the desired cultural awareness in the foundation classes of diverse students whereas Bachelors of Education course provides a teacher with most needed aspects of child’s development for making an individual ready for stepping in the new world and work in the favor of country’s development. These professional development courses are the key to an educator’s advanced development.

Fifth also engaging parents in building cultural cohesiveness are critical. Teacher shall also be oriented and trained on the basis of handling critical parental discussions which may involve cultural related sensitivities.

The goal of teacher training programs consist of intellectual development of a child by the pedagogical aspects but included workshops about the cultural aspects makes the teacher training programs heritage and diversity driven which concludes the ‘Human Development’ at the core of it.