Indoss Woman Polytechnic has started an initiative aimed at enhancing the public speaking skills of students in Indoss Campus. As a part of new programe ‘Project Vocal’, students will be trained to participate in public speaking events throughout the course.

The Indoss management took the initiative was aimed at creating a safe space for students where they could share their thoughts without hesitation or inhibition on a common platform. “Project vocal is an endeavour to encourage students to develop skillset in fearlessly articulating their opinions before others. It aims to create a campaign for public speaking for students through activities. The concept also seeks to empower students to participate in different contests such as MUN (Model United Nations) and debating, among others”, as stated by the concept of the project.

Indoss officials said this will also help students improve vocabulary. “Vocabulary development, confidence building, improved critical thinking skills, better poise, speech delivery, public speaking skills and enhanced teamwork skills are some of the advantages of having such activities during school and student life”.

Indoss Polytechnia for Women will hold weekly extempore activities and debates for the students and ensure maximum participation and confidence buildup. Assessment metrics will be based on speaking ability, method and clarity of conveying the ideas, convincing and strong rebuttals, presentation, thought process and research and reasoning.